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Notes from the Road: “I wish Derek Jeter would scoot over a little so I can get a good picture of the kids” or Things I Thought I’d Never Say



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Captain Clutch my Heart

It’s finally October and even though the temperature is dropping, I’m feeling all warm and tingly inside.  I’m not sure when I started loving  play-off baseball, but since that day, my love affair with the great game continues to dance across my heart.  It looks a lot like Derek Jeter leading a conga line of not so much a bunch of beautiful models, but more like me through an American Express commercial.


I’m so glad my sports loving husband and baseball-playing sons forced me to sit and watch play-off baseball with them because now, most years it’s usually my favorite sporting event of the year. 

Play-off baseball means take your breath away blue eyes (or are they green?), that dimply I know what you’re thinking smile, scruffy good morning to-ya razor stubly cheeks, really tight pin-striped pants that look like I need to brush them off because he just gets so doggone dirty, dirty, dirty.  Not to mention going five for freaking five at the plate yesterday, with two doubles and one homerun to tie the postseason record for hits.

I need a moment.

God I love play-off baseball.


Carpe diem ya’ll, Michele

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