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Best First Wedding Dance Ever

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Happy Feet

dancing%20with%20the%20stars2.jpg Dancing is like dreaming with your feet!  ~Constanze

I wish I could find the fun facts and statistics I once read explaining why the popularity of dance increases in our society during times of war.  If I could, this would be a much smarter essay.  And it might explain why each Monday night I forget for one hour to worry about the state of the union, the safety of my son the soldier, or the unstable spring weather outside.  Instead, I stop down and smile the kind of smile that hurts my face while watching ABC’s Dancing with the Stars.  Even the men in my family hover around the edges of the den to check it out, though they say they’re just passing through to the kitchen. 

And each Tuesday morning I wake up with new worries.  Will Apolo and Laila make it to the next round?  I certainly hope so.  Then I smile, sashay across the room, and freak out my fourteen year old son with the threat of making him dance with me.  Good times. 

So dancing for stress reduction:  I highly recommend it!  Unless of course you’re my fourteen year old, then I guess dance could be considered stress inducing.  Carpe Diem Y’all, Michele

We’re fools whether we dance or not, so we might as well dance.  ~Japanese Proverb

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