Carpe Diem Y’all by Michele Bernard

Writer, Texan, Semi-interested Sports Fan

Notes from the Cheap Seats

baseballs-008.jpg Notes from last night’s game:  I fear my son will look up from the pitcher’s mound one day and see something therapy-worthy sitting in the stands, instead of a loving mother cheering him on.  “You never looked that freaked out when my brothers played,” I imagine his eyes accuse as he drops his head in shame.  That’s why I move out of his line of vision when he pitches.  After almost twenty years of watching my sons play baseball, I’m a fairly cool cucumber.  I don’t embarass myself or my children with questionable public displays.  To the naked eye, I look like any other mild mannered mom sitting in the cheap seats.  But tonight, underneath the calm demeanor, turmoil bubbles. My baby is starting pitcher against a team of unusually large, unusually talented fourteen year olds.  We’ve faced these corn-fed boys twice already this season, with shall we say, less than positive results.  I think of another baseball mom I know.  On the night her son pitched against the reigning state champions in a key play-off game, she hid in the ladies room with a cell phone in her ear and alcohol on her breath.  Obviously tonight isn’t that, but I still find it difficult to stay put and watch as my son gives it a go on the hill. 

But stay put I will.  This is my kid who loves baseball.  His brothers enjoyed it, he lives it.  What an honor to witness him living his young life to the fullest.  Even if it does give me ulcers.  Carpe diem y’all, Michele 


April 27, 2007 - Posted by | baseball, Michele's Musings, Motherhood, Notes from the Cheap Seats, Parenting, Sports Stuff

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