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And It’s A Wrap

            I love the rush I get when I complete a writing project, especially when I’m racing the clock to do so.  Cotton candy words such as light, pink, fluffy, sweet come to mind when trying to describe that particular rush.

            I don’t love it so much however, when deadlines nip me in the heels like a rabid dog.  That actually makes me a little crazy and difficult to live with.  Just ask my husband.  It’s probably because I’m one of those annoying always-fifteen-minutes-early-to-an-appointment-type folk.

           And I especially don’t love it when the reason a deadline nips is of my own making.  It’s not like I haven’t known of this particular deadline for about a year now.  It’s just that March 2nd, sounded so far away.  Sounded as if I had plenty of time to make the work I completed months ago pretty.  

           Yesterday, with the much appreciated help of fellow writer friends, I worked myself into a froth reworking, rewriting, and editing down to bare bones the synopsis that will accompany my Writer’s League of Texas mainstream fiction contest entry.  I did one final edit to ten pages of my novel, Darlene’s Las Vegas Surprise Party.  I double checked my cover sheet.  I made four copies.  I noticed a typo. I made one copy. I double checked. I made three more copies all of which looked smeared; I noticed the “low ink” light blinking.  I changed the ink cartridge, I looked at the clock.  Again.  I felt the deadline nipping away.  The faster I went, the more I felt as if I were wading through a sea of molasses.  I wondered why my printer/copier was so slow.  I wondered what I was thinking when I decided to give up wine for Lent. 

          This morning I double/triple checked the WLT mailing list against the content in my hands.  I headed to my friendly neighborhood courier service.  Together, the clerk and I laid hands on my work before sealing the Fed-Ex envelope.    And it’s a wrap.  For the rest of the day, I plan to enjoy the sweet feelings associated with realizing a personal goal that I came too close for comfort to blowing.  Carpe Diem Ya’ll, Michele


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