Carpe Diem Y’all by Michele Bernard

Writer, Texan, Semi-interested Sports Fan

Happy 2007

            Finally!  Kids back in school, family and friends back from whence they came, holiday decorations boxed and put away, rogue poinsettias holding on for dear sweet life, hoping beyond hope I won’t let them die a slow, painful parching death, me back at the keyboard.  It must be mid-January.

            Since I’ve never been able to shake the feeling that the new year actually starts in August when high school football two-a-day practice begins, for me,  January feels more like the beginning of the third quarter (after spending half-time gathered around the Christmas tree).  I know the score by now, and whether I’m winning, or coming from behind, I’m pumped up, and ready to get back to the game so I can rock-n-roll, get back to chipping away at the resolutions I committed myself to back in the fall.

            My novel in progress, working title, Marian’s Daughter is shaping up nicely, making it’s way to the top of my priority list till complete, or until freelance deadlines loom that is.

            My 2007 wish for you is that you’re back to rocking-n-rolling on your chosen path too.   Happy 2007 and Carpe Diem Y’all, Michele


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