Carpe Diem Y’all by Michele Bernard

Writer, Texan, Semi-interested Sports Fan

Scoreboard and Snap

While I’m disappointed that our beloved Dallas Cowboys let us down while visiting the City of Brotherly Love, I’m happy to report the following:

Once again, going into Monday night, I lead my all male, sport’s loving family in NFL football picks for the week.  Me:  11-1; Hubby: 10-2; Son: 8-4; Son: 6-6…to which I say:





….because they laugh at the way I make my picks. I think they make it way harder than it has to be.  They study stats, discuss injury reports, breakdown film, consult Mike and Mike, and every other sporty sport late breaking news report i.e. “This just in……in the world of Ladies Golf, let’s check in to see what the girls have to say about T.O.…..”

  Meanwhile I keep it simple.  Feel free to use this tried and true strategy:

  • Always  pickDallas (or insert your home team here)
  • never  pick Philly (or insert your home team’s nemesis here)
  • never pick Washington (ditto the nemesis thing)
  • rarely pick Pittsburg (double ditto)
  • rarely pick Oakland (triple ditto)
  • rarely pick San Francisco (unless they’re playing Oakland)
  • Say yes to good-looking quarterbacks (speaks well of offensive line’s ability to protect his pretty face)
  • Never  pick the team with the really old or really young quarterback (unless last name Manning)
  • Pick Denver at home (other team won’t be able to breathe in high altitude, much less play football)
  • If the team wears red, white and/or blue, strongly consider picking them
  • Say yes to really cool mascots and/or crazy fans (with the exception of ….insert your home team’s nemesis here) 

We interrupt this story for this late breaking sporty sport news report:  This just in….in the world of play-off baseball…. the Yankees, finished their play-off bid just in time to watch T.O. today….. 

Carpe diem ya’ll, Michele


October 9, 2006 - Posted by | Blogroll, Humor, Michele's Musings, Sports Stuff

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